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Writer and Multi-instrumentalist

Alt-folk rising star Eden J Howells is based in London and working hard. The queer creative just released their debut EP, the fool, on October 27th, following the release of their most recent single, “nice enough”, which received wide critical acclaim. Supported by Help Musicians, Eden is currently developing their production and prose work while working on more new music.

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Eden J Howells is a London based trans and queer creative. A multi-instrumentalist, writer, and self-acclaimed wordsmith, they thrive in their exploration of love and the mind. They have been making music under many guises since the age of 15. In August 2021, Eden self-released their debut single, "honey," on Spotify, which has garnered over 11,000 streams on Spotify and received widespread recognition. The release of "honey" was followed by their second single, "the ceiling," which was launched on all major streaming platforms in September 2021. Eden funded both of these releases and all subsequent promotional efforts, showcasing their unwavering commitment to their craft.


Eden is currently developing their production and prose work following the release of their debut EP on all major streaming platforms on 27th October 2023. They recently completed a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to create this EP, in which they met their funding target within two weeks of the month-long campaign. Eden is a Help-Musicians supported artist, having recently received funding to help them hone their craft further. Eden has also been taking part in the Help Musicians Co-Pilot Mentoring scheme since March 2023, where they have worked with music professionals from the likes of Universal Music to further develop their work.


Eden is also well known amongst their fans for the intimate demo projects they have released on BandCamp. Since August 2020, they have been releasing homemade demo projects on the site, offering their fans an insight into their artistic process. Eden’s most recent BandCamp release, titled ‘bedroom tapes vol. 1 (the heartbreak edition)’, details the breakdown of a volatile relationship in six tracks recorded live at home and in one take. The choice to record the entire project in one take was made to showcase the music that Eden had been working on in its rawest and often imperfect form; honesty is a cornerstone of their artistry.


Throughout the last few years, Eden has continued to find success in developing their online presence, particularly on TikTok where they have an accumulative total of nearly 7,000 followers and over 360K likes on their profile, with some videos reaching over one million views. Eden's popularity on TikTok has helped to bring attention to their music and allowed them to connect with new fans from all over the world. They have a strong and loyal fanbase.


Eden has continued to make a name for themselves in the live music scene by playing a variety of gigs throughout London and the UK with their band. They have played to crowds of up to 400 people, showcasing their versatility and ability to engage with a range of audiences. Their live performances are known for their intense energy and passion, as well as their ability to captivate audiences with their sound.


Eden J Howells is a talented and driven artist who is dedicated to exploring the complexities of the world through their music. Their self-released music, demo projects, and strong online presence have allowed them to connect with fans and establish themselves as a rising star in the music industry. With their unwavering commitment to their craft and their dedication to honesty and authenticity, Eden is sure to make a lasting impact in the world of music.

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